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Detect™ Covid-19 with confidence. PCR-quality results at home in 1 hour.


SARS-CoV-2 Variant Update

Detect™ conducts routine surveillance of emerging SARS-CoV-2 variant strains and will continue to monitor the effectiveness of our test for such variants. Based on our most recent bioinformatic analysis, the Detect test is expected to recognize all currently known Variants of Concern including Omicron and Omicron subvariants [BA.2, BA.4 & BA.5].

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97.3% accuracy and no false positives[1].


Results in 1 hour. Nothing to mail.


Comfortable nostril swab for adults and children over 2.


Expected to recognize all currently circulating Variants of Concern.


Suitable for home, offices, schools, and travel.

When interpreted correctly in a clinical study.

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Why Detect™

Detect™ early

Detect™ can identify Covid-19 at lower viral loads than antigen tests, allowing for earlier detection.

Detect™ accurately

In clinical studies, the Detect™ test was comparable to PCR tests, with 97.3% accuracy[1].

Detect™ comfortably

Designed for comfort with a quick and painless nostril swab.

Detect™ conveniently

Test yourself at home. 5 minutes of hands-on time. Results in 1 hour.

Detect™ with confidence

Expected to recognize all Variants of Concern, including Delta and Omicron (BA.1 and BA.2).[2] We're constantly monitoring new variants to maintain our test performance

Supported by the NIH Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics Initiative (RADx).

Detect™ was awarded an $8.1M contract to scale manufacturing and help fulfill unmet national testing needs.


The people behind Detect

Dr. Jonathan Rothberg shaking hands with President Obama

Jonathan Rothberg, PhD

Detect founder Dr. Jonathan Rothberg has a strong track record of building successful companies that solve important scientific challenges. He is best known for inventing and commercializing massively parallel DNA sequencing, which earned him a National Medal of Technology and Innovation from President Obama, the nation’s highest honor for technological achievement. He is the founder of multiple health technology companies, including CuraGen, 454 Life Sciences, Ion Torrent, RainDance Technologies, ClariFI and, more recently Butterfly Network (the world’s most accessible and fastest-selling ultrasound device), Quantum-Si (the first single-molecule protein sequencing platform), and Hyperfine Research (the world’s first truly portable MRI machine).

Our Team

The Detect team brings together the best and brightest from molecular biology, consumer technology, high-volume manufacturing, and product design. We are motivated to solve the hardest problems and to save lives through technology.

Join us

This once-in-a-hundred-years pandemic has fundamentally changed the world. Our team has set out to solve the testing problem and help reopen society. In doing so, we are launching a new industry and a new human behavior: testing as part of daily life, accessible to everyone around the world. Covid-19 today, any pathogen tomorrow.

Dr. Jonathan Rothberg, Detect Founder