Partner with Detect™ to reduce Covid-19 transmission in schools

Testing is an important part of keeping school communities safe. Whether it’s for individual asymptomatic screening, rapid confirmatory testing, or off-the-shelf symptomatic use, Detect’s PCR-quality rapid test is highly valuable in a school setting where speed of results is important to reducing community transmission and keeping students learning in person.

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Convenient, fast and accurate testing is essential to keeping workplaces of all types open and safe. Whether it’s for use in retail, office, manufacturing, hospitality or at home, companies are choosing Detect’s highly accurate rapid test to protect employees and their loved ones. By offering regular screening, testing before or after business travel, or for on-the-spot symptomatic tests, providing testing for employees is now critical to keeping the economy open.

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Nursing Homes

Protecting our most vulnerable is our top priority. The Detect Covid-19 Test™ allows nursing homes and senior living facilities to be confident that they are maintaining a healthy and safe environment for their residents, visitors and healthcare workers.

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